Currently the State of California is requiring that certain duct systems of a heating and air conditioning system be tested to determine the amount of air leakage, when any part of the system is replaced. This is all done in an effort to reduce energy usage. There are of course many factors which will determine if your duct system will be one that will be required to have the test done.

The test is performed by an independent contractor known as a HERS rater. They will make a determination if your duct system passes or if it will need to be repaired, or maybe even replaced.

There is of course a cost to have the test performed, and more costs if repairs or replacement is required. The benefit to the homeowner is that they will end up with a cleaner heating and air conditioning air distribution system, and one that does not waste as much energy as before.

All in all I guess it’s a good thing, if it saves some energy. It’s just a shame that the homeowner has to bear these costs. I haven’t met too many homeowners who have set aside the funds to replace their heating and air conditioning system, let alone having to spend even more on their duct system.

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