Why would You want to sign up on the Gold Service Plan after your unit was repaired?

    We understand that repairing your HVAC equipment can be hard on your finances. If your system has failed already, having your system routinely maintained will help keep your system healthy, and also give you the knowledge of finding small issues, before they become big ones.Kahn Gold Service Plan Logo
    Did you have us repair your unit for you, but were not able to sign up on the Gold Service Plan at that time?

    You can join our Gold Service Plan retroactively!

    Within 30 days of repairs, If you would like to sign up on our Gold Service Plan, we will check to see how much your repair was and apply the discount that you would have gotten on said repair towards the Gold Service Plan sign up.*

    Gold Service Plan
    • Priority Scheduling
    • Up to 15% Off Repairs
    • Diagnostic Visit Service Fees Waived
    • Protection for your Investment
    • Peace of Mind

    • Replace Filter(s) (one inch)
    • Capacitors
    • Furnace Igniter
    • Motors
    • Safety Controls
    • Drain Lines (on 90% furnaces)
    • Gas Line for leaks
    • Thermostat
    • Gas Valve
    • Combustion Air Intake
    • Combustion Flue Pipe
    • Temperature Split

    • Replace Filter(s) (one inch)
    • System Refrigerant Charge
    • System AMP Draws
    • Physical and Mechanical
    • Condition of all Motors
    • All System Capacitors
    • Verify Thermostat Function
    • All Electrical Wiring
    • All Electrical Components
    • Condensate Drain Line
    • Basic Washing of Condenser Coil
    • Temperature Split

    • All A/C Check plus
    • Check Reversing Valve
    • Check Defrost Cycle (if applicable)