HERO Financing

HERO Financing from Renovate America is America’s largest PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing provider. HERO provides homeowners with access to innovative financing for energy-efficient, water-conserving (1) and renewable energy home improvements. These all can help lower your utility costs and may increase your property value. Approvals are primarily based on the equity in your home and debt payment history rather than your credit score, and the interest on your payments may be tax deductible.*

  • No Money Down
  • 100% Financing, up to approved amount
  • Not primarily based on credit score
  • Fast approvals
  • Interest may be tax deductible*
  • Flexible term lengths
  • Competitive, fixed interest rates
  • Paid along with your property taxes

(1) Only available in California

*Please contact your tax advisor to determine if you may be eligible for tax benefits.

Where can I check my eligibility?
Check Eligibility

Wells Fargo Home Project and Service Finance

Wells Fargo Home Projects Financing can help you replace old or inefficient HVAC systems, saving you money on monthly utility bills and leaving you more comfortable in the summer heat. Kahn Air offers a 6-month, interest-free payment plan to all qualified customers. Contact us today to discuss financing through Wells Fargo, then book an appointment to upgrade your system.

    • 6-month interest free payments
    • Convenient monthly credit card payments
    • Opportunity to pay for projects over time
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Stable, reliable financial services company
    • How do I apply for financing?
    • That’s easy – just call Kahn Air Conditioning at (818) 886-2600

CHEEF Reel Financing

Developed by the state of California, the REEL (Residential Energy Efficiency Loan) program is designed to help the state reach clean energy goals and reduce climate pollution. The program provides lenders attractive financing offers so homeowners can improve their energy efficiency within the comfort of their own homes. *

The REEL program requires all measures used in projects to meet specific minimum efficiency requirements. Call Kahn Air Conditioning for recommendations of the appropriate measures that can be applied to your home and more information on the items that qualify for the REEL program.

  • 100% financing, up to approved amount
  • No money down
  • Unsecured financing – no home equity needed.
  • Competitive rates
  • Affordable, low monthly payments
  • No closing costs
  • No yearly maintenance fees
  • Quick and easy loan process
  • Broad range of credit eligibility
  • Reduce project cost with utility rebates and incentives

How do I check if I am eligible?
Call Kahn Air Conditioning at (818) 886-2600