What is smart home technology?

Smart home technology provides homeowners convenience, comfort and efficient energy use by allowing you to control in-home systems from smart devices like a phone or tablet.

Wi-Fi Thermostats:

Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats offer a safe and energy-efficient way for homeowners to remotely control the temperature within their home from the palm of their hands using a free smartphone app, anytime and anywhere. The longer your thermostat is installed, the more the smart response system learns, giving you the desired temperature inside depending on the weather outside or your pre-set schedule.


  • Set schedules for your system to turn on or off at curtains times of day.
  • Set your system to turn off (or be at a certain temp.) when you leave your home with smart phone location services.
  • Pre-cool your home on your way home from vacation so you arrive to nice temperature.
  • Choose from fan, A/C or heating settings and change anytime.
  • Compatible with ducted A/C and heating units with a thermostat.

Models We Offer:

Visit the Honeywell website for information on various types of smart home Wi-Fi thermostat technology.

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