While a lot has been said about the smog and air pollution in the Los Angeles area, a lot of people don’t even think about how clean the air inside their homes is. Indoor air quality, or IAQ, can affect your health and your HVAC system’s lifespan. Better indoor air quality means fresher air for you and your family to breathe and less work for your air conditioner unit. Here are seven ways to boost your home’s IAQ.

1. Get a New Filter

Your air conditioner’s filter is responsible for capturing many of the impurities in the air, ranging from dust and dirt to pet dander and pollen. Over time, the filter accumulates too much of these impurities until, eventually, it starts to malfunction. You can either clean your AC filter with a soft brush or replace it entirely. Experts recommend changing the air filter of your AC at least every 90 days. For maximum efficiency, AC filters should be replaced every 45 days.

2. Perform Air Duct Maintenance

Air ducts are designed to distribute warm and cool air across the household to maintain comfortable temperatures in every area. Sometimes, however, ducts are not properly installed or maintained. In such cases, the ducts start to leak contaminants from one room to the next. Over time, these particulates accumulate in your ducts, which impact overall IAQ. While there are ways to do fix your ducts in DIY fashion, it’s best to hire a professional to perform the initial inspection and subsequent maintenance.

3. Get Fresh Air Outdoors

You can reduce indoor air pollutants by letting outdoor air in, but, unfortunately, heating and cooling systems don’t draw fresh air into your home. Give your HVAC system a hand by opening windows and doors and by using fans when the weather conditions allow for it. You can also run your window AC with the vent control open to maximize the rate of outside ventilation. However, be mindful of wildfires, which are becoming increasingly common on the West Coast, and keep your house shuttered when the outdoor air quality is poor.

4. Control the Humidity Level

Humidifiers are a worthwhile investment when looking for ways to regulate humidity levels indoors. The higher the moisture level is indoors, the easier it is for mold and mildew to grow. These contaminants can trigger respiratory problems, including asthma and allergies. Consult an expert like Kahn Air to determine which humidifier option is best suited for your home and where best to place it for maximum comfort.

5. Bring Home Some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants don’t just lend color and decor to your living quarters. They also help clean the air by pulling the contaminants out of the air. Plants, like ferns, lilies, and palm trees, are popular options that are ideal for cleaning the air and that are easy to maintain.

6. Keep Your Carpets Dust-Free

Rugs and carpets are often permanent fixtures in your household. And while they serve as a good decor and protection for your floors, carpets and rugs also play a role in trapping contaminants, including dirt and debris. The closely knit fibers in rugs and carpets catch contaminants in the air. Over time, however, these tapestries accumulate contaminants and become a breeding ground for disease. Make it a point to clean fabrics around the home at least once every two weeks. Aside from rugs and carpets, you should also wash sofa pillow covers and tablecloths.

7. Invest in Air Cleaners

The market for air cleaners has exponentially increased over the past two decades. New brands and models have popped up, ranging from affordable tabletop models to high-end whole-home systems. Factors to consider when shopping for air cleaners include particle removal and air circulation rate, types of particles and pollutant sources it works with, ease of installation and maintenance, and price.

Kahn Air is a leading provider of heating and cooling services in California. With close to 60 years of expertise, Kahn Air helps households in Northridge, CA, and surrounding neighborhoods get the most out of their HVAC systems. We work with you to improve your home’s IAQ through air quality testing and ductwork cleaning. We also carry a variety of IAQ equipment brands, including Honeywell and Carrier. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced HVAC

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