The quality of the air you breathe in your home can make a difference for your family. Viruses, bacteria and mold can easily float through your indoor air once they are introduced into your environment. Filtration systems can block contaminants and prevent them from recirculating. However, the right type of ultraviolet (UV) light can actually destroy germs in your air.

About Ultraviolet Radiation

UV radiation, or UV light, is a form of energy that can’t be seen by the human eye. This form of radiation sits on the electromagnetic light spectrum between X-rays and visible light. Sunlight contains the most common form of UV radiation. Sunlight creates three separate types of radiation known as UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.

Humans are exposed to UV-A and UV-B radiation through sunlight. These rays can only penetrate your skin to a certain point because they have a short to medium wavelength. UV-C has the longest wavelength and is blocked from entering our atmosphere by the ozone layer.

Risks Associated With UV-C

The only way humans can access the UV-C spectrum is through a man-made artificial lamp, laser or light source. Direct contact with a UV-C light source can cause severe burns to the skin and eyes. Most injuries will resolve within a few days to several weeks, but the injury and healing process can be painful. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using UV-C lights in your home or business. Some UV-C lamps can include UV-B radiation, which can cause cataracts and skin cancer.

Germ-Killing UV-C Lamps

UV-C light can kill germs on nonporous surfaces and disinfect air and water. UV-C lamps have been used for many years to reduce bacteria in hospitals, clinics and medical settings. Some viruses can also be deactivated by UV-C radiation. In order to work properly, the light must come directly into contact with the virus. UV-C lamps should only be handled by trained individuals.

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Proper Use of UV Lighting

It’s important to use the right type of UV-C lights in the home. Not all UV lights are the same. Working with a qualified UV lamp installer is advised. UV lamps can be installed in a variety of locations within the home for an added layer of air filtration. Once conditioned air has left the cooling and heating unit, a UV lamp can become the next level of protection. The lamp can be used to kill any viruses or contaminants that have slipped through the first filtering mechanism.

Types of UV-C Lamps

The low-pressure mercury lamp is one of the oldest types of UV-C lamps. Although these types of lamps have been used for decades, they are falling out of favor for several reasons. Mercury isn’t an eco-friendly substance, and UV radiation can pass through the outer layer of the bulb. Another UV source called far-UV-C is used in hospitals specifically in lobbies and occupied spaces. It isn’t as harmful to humans. Pulsed xenon lamps are used in unoccupied rooms, such as empty surgical and operating areas, and to treat surfaces.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are replacing low-pressure mercury lamps in many applications. They cover smaller surface areas and aren’t quite as effective as a mercury lamp. However, they don’t contain mercury, which is a known poison. The FDA regulates all manufacturing of electronic products that emit radiation.

Neutralizing Viruses in the Air

Placing a UV light inside ductwork or near the evaporator coil of your equipment can kill airborne germs. Your UV light may have a single or dual UV lamp. The lamp will shine a continual stream of UV-C light on the air flowing through the system. An efficient system will circulate air through your rooms several times each day. With a proper light source installed, your home’s air is sterilized without the use of aerosols.

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