For the second year in a row, Los Angeles has been ravaged by vicious fires, forcing many of our neighbors to evacuate from their homes. Many have been left to deal with the reality that their home is gone. Our hearts go out to all who are dealing with this life altering ordeal. Our hearts and deepest appreciation also go out to all the firefighters and first responders working tirelessly to keep the fires under control and risking their lives for other people and their homes. The efforts of these heroes does not go unnoticed.

Many of our neighbors have been lucky enough to return to find their homes still intact, but now are having to deal with the effects of smoke and air quality. Not only are those neighbors, that were directly in the fires’ paths affected, but other cities in Ventura and Los Angeles counties have also been affected by the smoke of these fires. This issue brings up a very common question regarding the air quality in the home, “Do I turn on the fan on my AC unit for air purification?”. Here is the answer to this question.

Yes, turn on your fan, use the AC or HEAT as required, and keep the house closed up. By using the fan, the air will pass through the filters, which will catch some particulate matter (smoke is a particulate). It will help to some extent, is not a cure-all. Following an event like this, it is recommended that the filters be replaced to help with air purification.

For more information on air purification visit our air purification page, here.

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