During the past couple of years, the process of selecting heating and air conditioning equipment has usually been linked to the various rebates and tax credits that were currently available.

However, rebates and tax credits won’t make up for an installation that wasn’t done correctly. Unfortunately, that aspect of this business hasn’t changed.

The downturn in the economy has unfortunately forced consumers into sometimes selecting whoever presents them with the lowest initial cost. This merely ensures that repairs will likely be needed, or the equipment will need to be replaced before too long.

New rules regarding permits, duct testing and equipment efficiency haven’t changed the fact that most consumers have a difficult time when it comes to choosing a company to do the work.

Homeowners should know the pitfalls that await them if new equipment isn’t installed properly, if the work wasn’t done to conform to new codes and regulations, or if permits were not obtained, or duct testing isn’t performed properly.

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