The Scenario:

You turn on the thermostat up to get some heat, and nothing happens. So like all homeowners, you turn it up even higher – still nothing. You give the thermostat a couple of ‘love taps’ in an attempt to convince it to work, but even that doesn’t help. You’re thinking about opening up the closet door, where you think the furnace is located, but that’s like opening up the car hood – what could you possibly do?

Like most homeowners, you’ll either get out the phone book or look on the internet to find anyone who can get you some heat! (You might even call the guys with the “pleasant aroma” so they can charge you a small fortune).

To begin with, you should have already had a relationship with a local heating and air conditioning contractor who would have been performing regular maintenance on your system. Then you would know who to call. In addition, they would be familiar with your system and its’ history.

We all know how bad the economy has been lately, but getting some heat in your home when it’s cold is fairly important – wouldn’t you say? Don’t wait until the furnace isn’t working. Call today to arrange for a heating service maintenance call and begin building a relationship with a qualified local heating and air conditioning contractor.

Then when your heating or air conditioning system doesn’t work, you’ll know just who to call.

As always, contact me with any questions and make plans to attend our next Homeowners Workshop and get some valuable information.

James M. Berry
Sales Consultant
Kahn Air Conditioning, Inc.

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