Going Green. Everyone’s talking about it. There is a news report daily, and just about every advertising campaign mentions it. What does it really mean to the consumer? More importantly, how will it benefit you?

At Kahn Air Conditioning, we were “going green” before it was trendy. We have been notifying our clients about the phase out of R-22 Freon for more than 10 years. We have also been advising customers about new high efficiency furnaces that use less gas and emit less carbon dioxide (Co2) into the atmosphere.

We have been educating consumers through our Homeowner Workshops about how much energy they can save when they install high efficiency heating and air conditioning products. Reducing energy bills is just one benefit. Reducing your carbon footprint is another. Your carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide attributable to the actions of an individual (mainly through their energy use) over a period of one year.

Installing these high efficiency products will save energy and money if the new equipment is installed correctly. No matter how high the efficiency ratings for these new systems, the true savings will only be realized if the system is installed using industry-accepted installation methods.

Some consumers could be disappointed after purchasing a brand new high efficiency heating and air conditioning system only to learn that it isn’t saving them as much money as they thought. The salesperson told them how high the rating was on this new system, and how their bills would drop like a stone. So why haven’t they realized these huge savings?

These new systems will only achieve their rated efficiency when matched with appropriate components and are installed properly. This means that the ducting has to be the sized correctly, designed properly and sealed using approved methods. The refrigerant lines need to be sized properly for the capacity of the equipment. The system needs to have properly sealed and insulated plenums, properly sized return air intake(s), and everything needs to be sealed in order to pass the new duct testing regulations and to achieve the rated efficiency.

So, the reality is that if you truly want to reduce your utility bills, and help the environment, you’ll need to get a proper installation, so that you will save energy and also help the planet.

Want to learn more about Going Green? Attend our Homeowners Workshop. Questions will be answered so bring your list, and your friends, neighbors and relatives. For dates and times and to reserve a seat call (818) 886-2600. Join us for a couple of hours and you’ll take home some useful information. You will also receive a FREE copy of The Homeowners Heating and Air Conditioning Buyers Guide. Visit our website www.kahnair.com for more informational articles.

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