This is the first question that you should ask yourself when it comes time to replace or install a new heating and/or air conditioning system.

If you have a good relationship with an HVAC contractor, and your heating/air conditioning system needs to be replaced, why would you think about getting ‘bids’ from other contractors? If you feel the need to get the obligatory three or four other ‘bids’ then it stands to reason that you don’t trust your current contractor very much. Otherwise, why would you be questioning their expert guidance?

Unfortunately for many homeowners they get sucked into the trap of having several contractors provide them with proposals to do this work. What typically happens is that since the information is usually very technical, the average homeowner gets a bit confused after talking to a variety of salespeople.

So, if they don’t understand everything that they’ve been told, on what will they base their decision? Why the lowest price – of course. This is a real shame because the homeowner “hopes” that they’re making a wise choice, but in reality, the lowest price will NEVER be the best choice.

Don’t fall into the same trap. If you don’t have a relationship with a local HVAC contractor, then start one soon. Sign up for a maintenance program and check out their work habits. Then you will know if you’ve found an honest contractor in whom you can place your trust and confidence.

James M. Berry
Sales Consultant
Kahn Air Conditioning, Inc.

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