After a brief search on the internet, I cannot confirm with certainty that actually came up with this saying, but it cannot be more appropriate given today’s economic woes.

I continue to be baffled as to how some consumers allow themselves to be fooled into purchasing a new heating and air conditioning systems based solely on the lowest price.

Do they truly believe that the person providing them with this ‘bare bones’ price represents a company that will really do an quality job? Do they really believe that they will get the same type of job as a reputable contractor who provided them with a detailed proposal and suggested a system that was designed with the best interests of the homeowner? I for one, do not.

When I spend my hard-earned money I want to get the best value for my money. I will usually pay a higher price for a product or service when I know that it is the better choice.

I’ve noticed recently that this is contrary to the way some consumers are acting when purchasing heating and air conditioning systems. The reason that I am so baffled is that this is a product which should last for an average of 18 – 25 years. Who of us truly believes that spending less on a system that is supposed to be with us for that length of time is a good choice? What is it in us that allows us to overlook the obvious?

If it turns out that you were one of these short-sighted consumers, please retain my contact information. I’ll expect a phone call from you in a few years when that new, ‘bargain-priced’ system begins to have problems; and it will. I’ll bet my hard-earned dollars on it!

So, don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ve gotten ‘a deal’ because the initial price for that new heating and air conditioning system was much lower than the other proposals that you received.

If you pay a little more to hire a reputable contractor and purchase a system that was installed properly, you will end up saving more money in the end.

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