Your heating system is vital for keeping your family comfortable and safe, and proper maintenance is essential for keeping it functioning efficiently. Though many maintenance tasks are best left in the hands of professionals, there are some you can (and should!) do as a homeowner. Knowing how to prep your heating system for the winter will help ensure your family stays nice and cozy all season long.

Essential Winter Maintenance For Heating Systems

We recommend a full-point inspection of your heating system in late summer. Kahn Air Conditioning will perform an extensive maintenance service, including checking the electrical connections and testing and calibrating the thermostat. Our expert technicians will ensure your home’s heating system works safely in Northridge and surrounding areas. In addition to professional maintenance, we recommend you take care of the following.

Unblock All Vents & Registers

Although many homeowners shut the vents in unused rooms to save energy, they do a disservice to their heating systems. Closed vents can cause increased pressure and a lack of airflow, which makes your system work harder than it should. Ensure there are no blockages, like furniture or rugs, and that all vents are open and operational before turning on your heat for the winter.

Replace the Air Filter

Your heating system needs a clean air filter for proper air circulation. Dirty filters can cause system overheating and subsequent damage. Check your air filter routinely throughout the winter to ensure it has not become dirty. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for care. As a part of our professional maintenance services at Kahn Air Conditioning, we will check your air filter and ensure it is the right size and type for your system. We will also educate you about changing your filter.

Check Your Thermostat Batteries

Late fall is an excellent time to check your thermostat batteries. If your thermostat is wired directly into your system, the batteries will keep your thermostat active and help it keep its programs in place in the event of a power outage. Consider having us install a smart thermostat so you can control your heater from your smartphone.

Inspect Your Home for Drafts

Now is an excellent time to check your home for any drafts that could cause your heater to be over-taxed. Sealing windows and doors will prevent drafts that increase your energy costs because of heat loss.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Although you can complete some maintenance without professional help, calling our HVAC technicians for the most essential tasks is best. A full maintenance service ensures your heating system is optimized and ready to safely heat your home so you will have peace of mind this winter.

We perform the following services and more as a part of our extensive maintenance program:

  • Check all moving parts for damage
  • Lubricate moving parts to prevent wear and tear
  • Inspect the motor and all electrical components for continuity
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Perform an extensive cleaning
  • Replace worn out or broken components
  • Check the refrigerant levels and look for signs of leaks
  • Check and change the filter
  • Test and calibrate the thermostat
  • Check for proper airflow from all vents

Why Should You Seek Professional Maintenance?

Properly maintained heating systems last longer and perform more efficiently, saving you money in the long run. If you have been skipping annual maintenance appointments, your heating system could break down when needed most. Our maintenance services help save you money on your electric costs and protect your investment.

Call Us For Professional Maintenance

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