Purchasing a new gas furnace can be quite confusing, given the numerous options available. It’s often challenging to determine which furnace will effectively meet your home’s heating needs while staying within your budget. To make your choice easier, here is a guide with the most critical factors you should consider when purchasing a new gas furnace.

Furnace Size

One of the most vital considerations when buying a gas furnace is ensuring that the unit is the correct size for your home. Sizing a furnace can be complex, so it’s advisable to consult with a certified HVAC technician.

To accurately calculate the furnace size your home needs, the technician will first need to determine the total square footage of your home’s conditioned living areas. They will also factor in the local climate, especially how cold the winters are, as this significantly affects how many BTUs of heat the furnace needs to produce per square foot to work effectively.

Additionally, a professional will take into account the level of insulation in your home and the proper sealing of the exterior structure. The number, size, and location of your exterior doors and windows also need to be considered since they are major sources of both heat loss and heat gain.

After considering all these factors, the technician will use a special formula to determine the exact furnace size that will heat your home most effectively and efficiently.

Energy-Efficiency Ratings

Energy-efficiency ratings are crucial to consider as they play a major role in the cost of heating your home. These ratings also affect the price of your new furnace. In Los Angeles, Ultra-Low NOx furnaces are mandatory due to regulatory requirements. The upside is that these furnaces are known for their high energy efficiency and low emissions!

The efficiency of conventional gas furnaces is measured using AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) and ranges between 80 and 89 AFUE. Ultra-Low NOx furnaces are high-efficiency units, with ratings typically ranging from 90 to 98.5 AFUE.

Understanding AFUE is straightforward – it represents the percentage of gas that the furnace directly converts into heat, minimizing wasted energy. A 90-AFUE furnace uses 90% of the energy it consumes and wastes only 10%. This translates to significant cost savings compared to lower AFUE units.

Benefits of Ultra Low Nox Furnaces

Ultra Low Nox furnaces are a game-changer to environmental sustainability. These furnaces are engineered to significantly reduce the release of nitrogen oxides (NOx), a major contributor to air pollution and smog formation. An Ultra Low Nox furnace means you’re not only staying in compliance with local regulations but also contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

In addition, Ultra Low Nox furnaces don’t compromise on efficiency or performance. They are capable of delivering the same level of comfort and warmth you expect from a gas furnace while minimizing their impact on the environment.

When investing in a new gas furnace, you will find long-term benefits of Ultra Low Nox models, such as reduced emissions, lower environmental footprint, and a commitment to sustainability. With Ultra Low Nox furnaces, you’re not just heating your home; you’re helping to heat up a cleaner and greener future for Los Angeles.

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