A ductless cooling system is designed to cool an older home or other space without the need to install air ducts. Unlike HVAC systems, they don’t need ductwork to move air from a central location to each room in a building. They also differ from single-room air conditioners in that they don’t need to transfer air outdoors through a window. Instead, the air conditioning unit is installed outside the building.

Difference in Cost

A ductless cooling system will cost more upfront because it’s a fixed installation that requires a line to move air through an exterior wall. These units are often larger and more powerful than standard air conditioners, and some ductless systems can produce both hot and cool air. Though it will cost more than a traditional air conditioner, a ductless system is often a better option if you are renovating an older home with an awkward layout or building a new addition to an existing structure.

Better Energy Efficiency

Ductless cooling systems are generally more efficient than central air conditioning systems. They can save you money on your energy bills compared to central air units because the cooled or heated air doesn’t alter in temperature as it moves between rooms through leaky ducts. They’re superior to window air conditioners for the same reason. Window units rarely have a complete seal, and they leak cool air, making them less efficient.

Less Complicated Maintenance

Compared to a central air system, ductless cooling systems are easier to maintain. You won’t need to spend any time inspecting ducts running between rooms in the walls or ceiling, and the outdoor units are designed to be durable.

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