When the hot weather becomes unbearable, there’s no reason for your heater to keep on running. It can therefore be frustrating when your heater won’t shut off. Your heater being on all the time increases your energy bills and makes your home’s living situation uncomfortable. Most heaters turn off automatically when the temperatures are right. If you notice your heating system doesn’t shut off, it could be a result of several issues.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Most thermostats have ON and AUTO settings, and your thermostat might accidentally be on hence your heater running all the time. The auto setting ensures that the heater turns off once the temperatures are right, and the ON setting makes your blower run nonstop. If you notice your heater keeps running, check your thermostat, and set it to AUTO. The auto setting reduces your energy costs and prevents future repairs.

Dirty Air Filter

When dirt and debris accumulate in your air filter, they clog and restrict air from reaching your heater. Air filters are responsible for trapping dirt or any large particles in the air that goes through your filter. However, too much dirt buildup can prevent air from flowing to your heater. When there’s little to no air getting into your heater, it then runs longer to try and heat your home sufficiently. Inspect your air filters, and clean them regularly. You should also replace them every three months.

Leaky Ductwork

Your air ducts are responsible for distributing cool or warm air throughout your home. If your ducts have leaks, air goes into your attic instead of reaching the rooms. This means that there isn’t enough air supply for the rooms, so your heater keeps running to try and heat your home. Ductwork leaks also cause an increase in your energy cost and reduce your heater’s efficiency.

When your furnace doesn’t shut off, it could be a severe problem that could cost you a lot. Kahn Air Conditioning deals with all heating problems for residents in Northridge, CA. We also offer exceptional cooling services like AC repair and installations. Contact us today, and get dependable assistance from our experts.

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