When it comes to maintaining your HVAC system, keeping it clean is half the battle. You may have heard of the importance of cleaning and changing your air filter. However, changing your evaporator coil is equally important to the efficiency and well-being of your HVAC system. If you’re not sure if it’s time to clean your evaporator coil, look for the following symptoms.

Your Air Conditioner No Longer Cools

If your air conditioner is no longer cooling your home as effectively, a dirty evaporator coil may be the culprit. Dirt and dust limit the evaporator coil’s ability to remove heat from the air. Therefore, the most immediate symptom you’ll likely notice if your coil requires cleaning is significantly less cooling action from your air conditioner.

Your Energy Bill Is Higher

If your energy bill has increased in the absence of a change in weather or use patterns, your air conditioner may be working harder due to a dirty evaporator coil. Because a dirty coil is less efficient at removing heat from the air, your system will work harder. You may be required to run your air conditioner for longer periods to sufficiently cool your home.

The Time Is Now

While a dirty coil may seem like a minor issue, it is important to act quickly. Over time, the extra stress a dirty coil places on your air conditioner may lead to a premature breakdown. This is why periodic maintenance is so important for an AC system. A typical tune-up should include the following:

  • Routine inspection
  • Evaporator coil cleaning
  • Air filter cleaning/replacement

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