Will your air conditioner be ready for summer – or will it ‘bite the dust’ the first time you turn on the thermostat? Now would be a good time to call your air conditioning service company and schedule a pre-season service. You may prevent the need for costly emergency repairs, when all of the service companies are their busiest, at the start of the summer cooling season.

Air conditioning systems should be serviced yearly. Every system has some kind of air filter. A dirty or plugged filter will cause higher electric bills and could damage your equipment. The filter may be located inside the furnace section, or behind an intake grill. Changing the filter, is a relatively easy task for most homeowners, but there are many other components that should be checked, cleaned, tightened, and lubricated, at the same time. This requires the skill of a trained service technician.

Repairs on properly installed systems are possible. Repairs on poorly installed systems are probable. On any cooling system that is more than 10 years old, replacement should be considered, instead of costly repairs. A new, high efficiency system will come with a new equipment warranty, and will save you money on your electric bill. Rebates from the manufacturer, and some utility companies may be available.

However, just replacing the outdoor section, (the condenser), is not enough. You should also replace the indoor section, (cooling coil), as well, to get all of the energy savings your new unit can provide, along with proper operation. If the new components do not match, other problems may also occur.

Spend your money wisely. Choose licensed and established contractors. The California Contractors License Board will assist you with information to help you protect yourself from unscrupulous contractors.

Jim Berry is currently a Sales Consultant at Kahn Air Conditioning, and previously was an HVAC Service Technician. Kahn conducts monthly Homeowner Workshops where homeowners can learn all about their heating and air conditioning systems. The next Workshop will be June 23rd. Call 1 (800) 660-5246 to reserve your seat. There is no cost to attend.

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