I visit numerous homes each week and talk to homeowners regarding the replacement of their older heating and cooling systems. I enjoy “teaching” homeowners about new types of equipment and the options that are available today. I really like solving their heating and cooling problems.
Was the old system noisy? Were there rooms that were warmer or cooler than others? Was there a lot of dust in the house? These are only a few of the things that we may be able to correct with a new, properly installed, heating and cooling system.
Modifications can be made to reduce the noise level. Making the temperatures more even throughout the house is also possible. New high efficiency filter systems will decrease the amount of dust. And, even a basic system will certainly be more energy efficient than a system that is more than ten years old. This means that your utility bills will decrease.
There are a few other things that need to be looked at, along with the equipment, to insure proper operation, energy savings, and longevity.

    Copper refrigerant lines Older systems may have lines that aren’t compatible with new high efficiency equipment. New equipment will not operate as designed if these lines are not sized correctly.
  1. The vent pipe New furnaces waste much less gas today. Old vent pipes may be the wrong size and/or material for proper venting.
  2. Duct sizing A properly designed and installed duct system will reduce energy costs, and aid in proper air distribution.
  3. Intake air Each system has requirements regarding intake or return air. Follow industry and manufacturers specs for proper operation.

Anyone can ‘sell’ you a new heating and cooling system. However, a professional will not just swap out equipment without addressing all of the things that make up a quality heating and cooling system.
Jim Berry is a Sales Consultant for Kahn Air Conditioning, a member of the Home Improvement Networking Cluster, and was previously a heating and air conditioning service technician. Kahn hosts free monthly workshops to teach homeowners about their heating and cooling systems.
Any questions call (818) 886-2600, or e-mail; jberry@kahnair.com

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