If you’re worried about the energy bills that come when summer arrives, there are several steps that you can take to keep your home cool without spending a fortune. Air conditioners can drive up your energy bills if you’re a fan of crisp, chilly temperatures. Luckily, there are many ways that you can keep the heat out of your home and the cool air in. Improving the overall energy efficiency of your home could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Have Energy-Efficient Appliances

One of the most effective ways to lower your summer cooling bills is to have an energy-efficient air conditioning system in your home. Modern units are highly efficient and have a variety of features that will minimize their energy use while they keep each room in your home at the right temperature. Getting a unit that is the proper size for the shape and volume of your home is important. Units that are too big will keep your home cool but can waste a lot of energy in the process.

Increase the Insulation in Your Home

Having proper insulation in your home can keep cool air trapped inside of your home and the hot air outside. Insulation in the walls can minimize the energy transfer and keep your home from heating up as easily. While insulation in walls is important, having extra added to your ceiling and attic areas is a cost-effective way to maintain your indoor temperature. Extra attic insulation can keep a roof that is baking under the sun from transferring that energy to the air in your home. Windows can allow for a lot of energy transfer. Having double-paned or tinted windows can reduce the amount of energy that can get into your home through the glass.

Schedule an Energy Audit

Having an energy audit performed on your home can show you the various places where you could save energy and reduce your summer air conditioning bills. Your home could be losing cool air from a variety of places, including leaks around your doors and windows. An energy audit can allow you to identify these areas and help you get the inefficiencies fixed.

Keep the Sun Out

Direct sun rays into your home can cause a drastic increase in the temperature of your home. When the sun is shining directly into your home, pull down the shades or curtains in order to keep the direct rays out. Opening shades after the sun is gone and the outside air has cooled down can allow for hot air to exit your home through your windows.

Let Cool Air In

Outside air is often cooler than indoor air in the mornings and evenings. Whenever it’s cool outside, open as many doors and windows as possible to let the outside air in. This will have the added benefit of bringing more fresh air into your home. When it starts to get warm outside, be sure to close everything up. When your air conditioner is running, it’s also important to have all of your doors and windows closed in order to keep the cool air trapped in your home.

Schedule Annual AC System Maintenance

An annual tune-up for your air conditioning system could end up being a great investment in your home. Tune-ups can let you catch small issues with your system that might be causing it to run less efficiently. Technicians from Kahn Air Conditioning, Inc. can get small repairs done efficiently in order to maximize the functionality of your system. They’ll also replace air filters that are dirty to allow your system to run in an energy-efficient manner. Tune-ups could increase the energy efficiency of an air conditioning unit by up to 30%.

Reliable HVAC Professionals

Kahn Air Conditioning has been serving the residents of Northridge for almost 60 years. With our high level of experience, we can offer a wide variety of HVAC services. Our technicians are NATE certified and highly experienced. We’re proud to offer comprehensive heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance services to local residents. We also work with ductless systems, offer generators and smart zoned thermostats, and provide indoor air quality assessments and solutions.

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