While a modern furnace has an electronic-ignition for its pilot light, old furnaces have a pilot light that is always burning. However, sometimes the pilot light will go out on these old furnaces due to a draft, weak flame or another reason. Here’s how to safely relight it.

Find Pilot Light Controls

This control will be on your furnace. It’s usually a gas valve with a knob on it that has On, pilot, and Off settings. You need to turn this valve off and then wait ten minutes. This will give time for any lingering gas to clear out. If you smell rotten eggs after this time, leave the area and then call your utility company or 911 because there may be a gas leak.

Relight the Pilot Light

Switch the gas valve to its pilot setting. You need to use a long wooden match or BBQ grill lighter at the opening while pressing either a reset button or the knob itself. After the pilot light restarts, continue pressing the button or knob until the flame is bright. This usually takes about 20 seconds.

Release the button or knob and make sure the pilot light stays on. If it does, turn the knob to the On setting. If the pilot light goes out again instead, repeat the above.

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If Your Pilot Light Won’t Stay On

If the pilot light won’t restart, it’s likely the thermocouple is broken. The thermocouple is a safety device that shuts off the gas supply whenever the pilot light is out.

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