When winters get chilly, you’ll need the services of a reliable heating installation in Sherman Oaks, CA, to keep your house warm. Turn to our pros at Kahn Air Conditioning when you need a new furnace installation or heating replacement. Our heating company can work on all major brands of heat pumps and residential furnaces, installing them so you can expect reliable heating at competitive prices. If you’re tired of calling for repairs or you’re paying more than you should in utility bills due to an inefficient heating unit, then it’s probably time to replace it. Spend this winter worry-free, knowing that your brand new furnace won’t conk out on you – call Kahn Air Conditioning today to get started!

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Trusted Heating Installation in Sherman Oaks

Even with great care and regular maintenance, a residential furnace or heat pump will only last about a dozen years. Over time, parts start to break more often, and your repair costs go up. And, older units are less efficient at heating your home, which means you’re paying more for utility services to achieve the same degree of warmth. A heating replacement may look like a large outlay at first, but when you’re warm at home and paying a lower energy bill each month, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have a new furnace installation sooner!

There are many, many benefits to replacing or upgrading your home’s heating appliance, such as:
  • Your utility bills are lower
  • Smart Home technology for greater control
  • An Energy Star appliance earns a tax deduction
  • Improved indoor air quality

If you’re wondering whether to repair or replace your heating appliance, consider how much money you save in the long run. As HVAC equipment gets older, parts break more often, and some years, you may even end up spending as much on repair service as a new furnace or heat pump would cost! The Kahn Air Conditioning sales team can help you find the right SEER rating, number of BTUs, and appropriate size for your home. You benefit from our knowledge of the different features of each brand and model, and we work with your budget.

First-Rate Heating Replacement

Kahn Air Conditioning - Furnace Replacement and InstallationKahn Air Conditioning is proud to be the preferred heating installation company in Sherman Oaks. We were founded in 1961 and continue to be a family-owned and operated business serving the Los Angeles community. Our reliable service stretches back generations, and we have customers who have been loyal for decades. Come be part of the Kahn Air Conditioning client family and discover the difference knowledge, training, and a passion for customer service make.

Stop spending time and money on an old, unreliable furnace. Call Kahn Air Conditioning today to schedule your new furnace replacement or AC replacement in Sherman Oaks!