Easily install a ductless air conditioner in West Hills, CA in your home to keep it cool during the summer. With summers getting warmer and warmer, a lack of AC may increase your risk for heat dehydration, dehydration and heat fatigue. You’ll feel a lot more productive, calm and comfortable if you keep your home at a consistent 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also get to enjoy better sleep.

A mini-split AC system consists of two components: one indoor evaporator and one outdoor condenser connected by electrical wiring, copper tubing and refrigerant tubing. Our team will come assess the layout of your home and help you figure out how to install the system in a way that the wires are concealed. We will also help you find a ductless mini-split that works for your home. Unlike central AC systems, ductless mini-split systems can only cool down one zone at a time, and should have at least 20 BTUs for every square feet of space that it’s trying to cool.