Keep your home cool throughout the summer with a ductless air conditioner in Encino, CA. Many of the newer units come with various features that can make your life a lot more comfortable. For example, some ductless air conditioners come with premium filters that will also remove dirt, dust and pollen from the indoor air, so you breathe better. Others come with automated features that allow them to automatically adjust the temperature inside the home to the preferences of who is there. For example, it might cool down the office to a cooler temperature when you’re there, but to a slightly warmer one for your partner.

A mini-split AC does not require any custom ductwork. It’s essentially two components, an indoor evaporator and an outdoor condenser, connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring. All of these components can be hidden behind walls, on top of the ceiling and underneath floorboards, so they don’t interfere with the aesthetics of the room. Our team will help you find the best unit for your home, and also make sure that everything is installed properly. This greatly reduces the rate of breakdowns and failures in the future.