Well, duct testing is being enforced to a higher degree. In most cases, if a duct test has not been performed, the inspector from the city where the work was done, will likely not finalize the permit.

Sealing behind supply grilles and the cavity below the furnace, if it is a closet or on a platform, is now required. Sometimes, depending on the area, the inspector might even require that a duct be installed between the furnace and the intake grille.

Since the downturn in the economy, the challenges to help homeowners understand the differences between quality work and a low-ball price has gotten tougher.

Nobody wants to pay more than they should for heating and air conditioning systems, however paying too little will usually show up a few years down the road.

Some so-called contractors have given up their retail locations to cut expenses and are now working from their homes. These types of businesses do not usually provide the highest quality installations and sometimes do not even obtain building permits.

So, spend enough to get a good quality brand, and only hire contractors who you have checked out and made sure that;

They have a valid State Contractors License at – www.cslb.ca.gov/

That you have checked them out on YELP!, Angie’s List or The Better Business Bureau

Google their business name and see if there are any negative comments about them.

For honest answers to your questions, you can send an e-mail to info@kahnair.com.

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