That day will come, when you will decide that the time has come to replace your heating and air conditioning system. What features will you be looking for in a new system? Do you have enough information? How will you know which is the right system for you? How long should a new system last? How many ‘bids’ should you get? Which company should you choose to do the work? What brand will you select? What efficiency rating do you want? Single or two-stage compressor? Standard or variable speed blower motor? Standard or high efficiency? Freon or Puron? Oh my! There are a myriad of choices.

On what information will you base your final decision? Sure, you’ll talk to friends and family, and maybe even some people at work, to get their input. Maybe you’ll try to find some useful information on the internet. Well, maybe there’s a better way. What if there was a class or a workshop held locally, that would give you, the homeowner, some basic and really useful information about heating and cooling systems? Well, it’s your lucky day!

Kahn Air Conditioning conducts free monthly workshops where homeowners can learn the basics about heating and air conditioning. By the end of this two-hour class, you will have learned about: ducting, equipment sizing (tons), efficiency, brands, permits, thermostats, system design, Freon, filtration, maintenance, humidity, permits, noise issues, how to choose a contractor, how to pay a contractor, and a variety of other related issues.

So, now there’s no excuse. Join us, along with some of your neighbors, for a cup of coffee at our next session. Spend just a couple of hours on a Saturday morning, and you’ll learn enough to help you make an informed decision.

Jim Berry was an Air Conditioning and Heating Service Technician, and now is a Sales Consultant for Kahn Air Conditioning, Inc. Call Jim at (818) 886-2600 with any questions or comments.

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