So, you need of a new furnace or air conditioner. You may not have had to purchase this type of product before, or at least not for some time. So, how will you possibly learn enough about it before you write the check?

How will you know which equipment is the “right” choice for your home? How will you know how to hire the “right” contractor? How can you insure that all of the work will be done correctly and that you’ll be getting a quality installation and a reliable product?

Here’s the answer; attend our next Free Homeowners’ Workshop. Every month Kahn hosts a class specifically designed to help homeowners learn all about residential heating and air conditioning systems and what they need to know before signing a contract.

The class is held once each month, on a Saturday morning. In two hours, attendees will learn about: Filters; Thermostats; What are your best equipment choices; rebates and incentives; duct sizing; Which ducts are best; Why you should insist on a Manual J Load Calculation; Duct testing; New laws and building codes; The phase-out of R-22 Freon; proper installation techniques; component compatibility; noise issues and a variety of other related subjects.

The class is taught , a former HVAC Service Technician, and now Sales Consultant, since 1998.

Call (818) 886-2600 today, to reserve a seat and bring your neighbors, friends and relatives for this fast-paced and informative, two-hour class.

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