Kahn Air Conditioning provides top heating installation in San Fernando, CA. If you currently need a new furnace or heat pump, our team can measure your home to make sure you get the right equipment.

Although Los Angeles County experiences moderate weather year round, you still need a working heat source to stay comfortable on cooler evenings. How do you know if you need to fix or replace your heater? There are signs that show it’s time to start fresh with a new system, and we can help you determine the condition of your existing system.

Expert Heating Installation in San Fernando

Your heating system will usually give you signs that it requires immediate attention or that you need a new furnace. First, look for weak air flow through your vents. Have your energy costs spiked for no obvious reason? That may be a sign that there’s an issue with your current equipment. You can also check the thermostat. When you turn the thermostat up, does your furnace respond immediately?

Fortunately, Kahn Air Conditioning provides comprehensive heater installation services in San Fernando. That includes installing a traditional or programmable thermostat to give you more control over your home comfort. If your heater stops working altogether, it may be more cost effective to replace it rather than invest a lot of money to repair a legacy system. Strange noises can indicate anything from a broken part to a malfunctioning fan. When you hire us, we’ll give you an upfront estimate that includes an honest assessment of all of your options.

There are many signs that a simple fix isn’t enough for your heating system. Call us right away if you notice something weird that may indicate you need a new furnace!
  • Sharp rise in utility bills
  • Burning smell from your furnace
  • Unresponsive or slow-responding thermostat
  • Trouble starting/stopping furnace

Your Furnace Service Team

At Kahn Air Conditioning, we proudly offer the best heating installation in San Fernando. No matter what issues you notice, our highly experienced team of licensed, certified technicians can give you a straight answer on the next possible steps. You may have seen our work vehicles zipping across Los Angeles County already.

Rest assured we’ll show up punctually and bring all the necessary equipment to avoid delays. With many years of experience, our pros have built a well-deserved reputation for the top heater installation services in the Valley. We aren’t finished until you’re completely delighted with our work.

Are you ready for the great service and respectful treatment you deserve? Contact Kahn Air Conditioning to discuss the purchase and installation of a new furnace today!