A ductless air conditioner in Sherman Oaks, CA consists of two components. There’s an indoor evaporator that blows out cool air and an outdoor condenser that collects warm air from inside the home. These two components are connected by electrical wiring, refrigerant tubing and more; however, the wiring and tubing can be hidden behind walls, on top of the ceiling and underneath floorboards. You will usually only see the indoor evaporator. The indoor evaporator is often quite compact and small, so it can seamlessly blend in with the overall aesthetics and style of a room.

When choosing a mini-split AC in Sherman Oaks, your main focus should be figuring out which features and functions that you need. Some features include smart technology that automatically monitor energy usage by the AC or geofencing technology that will turn the unit on or off depending on your proximity to the home. Our team will help you find a ductless mini-split with the right capacity. The capacity is generally measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs), and about 20 BTUs is needed for every square feet of space that’s being cooled.