If you want to keep your AC in peak working condition, we recommend that you schedule routine AC maintenance in Granada Hills, CA at least once a year. Some of the older units may require more attention and care. For example, some parts may be more likely to shift out of place when vibrated. Our AC team will inspect your system carefully in order to provide you with more insight on what your system needs. We can help you come up with a reasonable and feasible game plan.

Routine air conditioner maintenance in Granada Hills includes an inspection of all parts, a realignment of all components, a retightening of all loose screws and bolts as well as a thorough cleaning of all surfaces and crevices. We take the effort to do everything right from the beginning, so you get the best results possible. We will also take this time to look for signs of wear and tear and damage. If we notice anything wrong, we’ll report it to you right away and you can choose what to do next.