Supporting the LA Community for Over 50 Years: Kahn Air Conditioning

  • The Kahn Air Conditioning, Inc. Gold Service Plan offers you one heating and cooling visit per year. These visits include the following and prices vary per household size:

    Furnace Check:

    •Replace filter(s) (one inch)
    •Furnace igniter
    •Safety controls
    •Drain lines (on 90% furnaces)
    •Gas line for leaks
    •Gas Valve
    •Combustion air intake
    •Combustion flue pipe
    •Temperature split

    A/C Check:

    •Replace filters(s) (one inch)
    •System refrigerant charge
    •System AMP draws
    •Physical and mechanical condition of all motors
    •All system capacitors
    •Verify thermostat function
    •All electrical wiring
    •All electrical components
    •Condensate drain line
    •Basic washing of condenser coil
    •Temperature split

    For Heat Pumps in the Winter
    All A/C Checks, plus:
    • Check reversing valve
    • Check defrost cycle (if applicable)

    Additional Benefits:
    • Peace of mind
    • Protection for your investment
    • Priority service over non-maintenance plan holders
    • Up to 15% off repairs

  • A Message from a Loyal Customer

    Dear Kahn Air Team,

    Thank you for all your help with the new AC system!

    I wanted to express our appreciation through a testimonial for your entire crew at Kahn Air. Obviously we’re already thrilled with our experience because our delivery/install date went from next Tuesday to this past Tuesday! That was such great news! But even without that, we would still be talking about what a great experience we had with Kahn. Every step of the process was a lesson in excellent customer service.

    Our first meeting was one of four I had looking for estimates on a new system. You gave us the quote I asked for – it was an estimate to replace the system as it was with options for two different compressors. Everyone else showed up with different ideas on how we should do it and tried to sell us systems that we either didn’t want or didn’t match the other quotes. I wanted four matching quotes so my wife and I could compare “apples to apples.” All the other companies were trying to hide pricing behind supposed upgraded incentives and discounts based on purchase dates. Just be straight-forward with your pricing and you’ll always win in the end – that’s what you did with your quote and we appreciated that.

    But even after our meeting and before the actual install date we had two more visits by a couple of your service guys. I’m pretty sure the first guy was Ivan about three weeks ago (we had the capacitor replaced on the old system) and then Felix was here on Monday. Both guys were courteous and took their time to explain the issue – the options – and in the case with Felix, the honest reality that it was time to finally get that thing replaced. But it means a lot to have service guys that aren’t just good at the technical and physical parts of the job, but that they’re just nice guys. And then Sal and Edgar got here to replace the system – another two great guys. They really took care to protect our new floors and worked quickly to get the system up and running. And just like Ivan and Felix – two really good guys.

    And I shouldn’t leave out Alex answering the phone! Now that we’ve had to reach out a few times for the old system and the new one, I’ve gotten a chance to speak with him a few times. He’s been very helpful every time I’ve called and I think he even took our credit card for the deposit when Kaylen wasn’t available.

    Every person we’ve dealt with at Kahn has had the same high level of customer service – it shows that the company is doing it right. When that attitude of taking care of the customer starts on the phone and carries through service and installation it means that everyone is on the same team and the priority is still on the customer. Please extend our appreciation to everyone that we worked with over the last month or so.

    -Skip C.

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