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Kahn Air Conditioning is a proud partner of Renovate America Financing.

Renovate America Financing offers two different home improvement financing options for homeowners.

  • HERO offers an innovative financing solution for home efficiency upgrades, with payments made along with your property taxes.
  • Benji offers simple, flexible financing for almost any home improvement, with competitive rates, flexible plans, and special financing options.


What is HERO Financing?

HERO financing from Renovate America is the nation’s largest PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing provider. It provides homeowners access to innovative financing for energy- efficient, water-conserving(1), renewable energy and hurricane protection(2) home improvements, which can help lower your utility bills, and may increase your property value. Approvals are primarily based on the equity in your home and debt payment history rather than your credit score, and the interest on your payments may be tax deductible.*

• No money down
• 100% financing, up to approved amount
• Not primarily based on credit score
• Fast approvals
• Interest may be tax deductible*
•Flexible term lengths
• Competitive,fixedinterestrates
• Paid along with your property taxes

(1) Only available in California
(2) Only available in Florida
* Please contact your tax advisor to determine if you may be eligible for tax benefits.


What is Benji Financing?

Benji offers flexible financing for almost any home improvement. Start your “someday” project today, with competitive rates, flexible plans and no interest, no payment special financing options (1).

Flexible financing for almost any home improvement.

• From $2,000 to $50,000
• Nomoneydown
• Flexible term lengths and fixed rates
• No interest, no payment special financing plans (1).

(1) No payments are required during the promotional period following project completion. Thereafter, substantially equal monthly payments are required for the remainder of the financing term until the unpaid balance of the amount financed is paid in full. Interest will accrue during the promotional period, but will be waived if the amount financed is paid in full prior to the expiration of the promotional period.

Where can I check my eligibility?

Check Eligibility page:


Other Options:

Wells Fargo Financing

Owning a home can be expensive and the added cost of a new air conditioning unit for full HVAC system can sometimes be too much. But Kahn Air can help. Our financing options will help you replace an old or inefficient system, saving you money on electricity bills and leaving you more comfortable in the summer heat. Options include a 6-month interest free plan to spread out the cost or other low interest rate, longer term loans. Contact us today to discuss your options, then book an appointment to upgrade your system.


How do I apply for Financing for a new Heating and Cooling System?
That’s easy – just call Kahn Air Conditioning, at 818-886-2600.




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