The Kahn Air Conditioning, Inc. Gold Service Plan offers you one heating and cooling visit per year. These visits include the following and prices vary per household size:

Furnace Check:

•Replace filter(s) (one inch)
•Furnace igniter
•Safety controls
•Drain lines (on 90% furnaces)
•Gas line for leaks
•Gas Valve
•Combustion air intake
•Combustion flue pipe
•Temperature split

A/C Check:

•Replace filters(s) (one inch)
•System refrigerant charge
•System AMP draws
•Physical and mechanical condition of all motors
•All system capacitors
•Verify thermostat function
•All electrical wiring
•All electrical components
•Condensate drain line
•Basic washing of condenser coil
•Temperature split

For Heat Pumps in the Winter
All A/C Checks, plus:
• Check reversing valve
• Check defrost cycle (if applicable)

Additional Benefits:
• Peace of mind
• Protection for your investment
• Priority service over non-maintenance plan holders
• Up to 15% off repairs